School district construction continues

By John Earp

Currently, the Jal School District has several construction projects ongoing. Topmost of them are the new stands in Panther Stadium, which is slated to be completed before football season. The steel infrastructure has been completed, with the concrete sections in the process of installation. Superintendent Brian Snider says the only part of the stadium which is not planned to be completed before the fall football season is the top, cushy layer of the track, which he says will be completed after the football season is completed. The old concession stand is being left standing for now in case the new concession stand is not completed in time for the first game, according to Snider. The steel for the new addition to the elementary has been erected, with the elevator being installed this week. The elementary addition is expected to be completed in late 2024.

The foundation for the new junior high addition is almost ready for the footings to be placed. Mr. Snider says that it was determined they would need to place the footings much deeper due to the finding of a sandstone layer which, in the event of a leak, would have liquified, thus compromising the foundation. Snider said the geology study found the sandstone layer after a core was drilled. The new junior high addition will take up the space between the junior high building and the junior high (old) gym. There will also be a greenhouse placed beside the junior high addition. Snider said, “We’ve got a culinary arts teacher and a science teacher that are both very excited about the greenhouse, and I think that would be great is culinary arts could grow some of their own produce. I don’t want to promise anything. I want it to actually happen.”