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New Mexico Junior College attends Higher Education Day in Santa Fe

On Tuesday, Feb. 13, the New Mexico Higher Education Department hosted the 2024 Higher Education Day at the State Capital in Santa Fe, NM. The event welcomed representatives from more than 25 New Mexico public colleges and universities, including our very own New Mexico Junior College (NMJC). The event provided a platform for collaboration, celebration, and recognition of the invaluable contributions of higher education to our communities.

NMJC was represented by the Dean of Workforce Development Larchinee Turner, Director of Continuing Education in Workforce Development Cruz Castillo, and NMJC Recruiter Brittney Garcia. The group traveled to Santa Fe to showcase the various credit and non-credit programs offered at the college.

Garcia expressed her enthusiasm about the event, stating, “NMJC joined legislators, colleagues, and students around the state to celebrate the opportunity higher education represents to our communities.”

The day was marked by honoring students from across New Mexico for their outstanding achievements. With a record turnout, attendees were treated to inspiring speakers, powerful stories, and captivating entertainment by the Greyhound Sound, Eastern New Mexico University’s marching band, adding an energetic vibe to the event.

Reflecting on the significance of Higher Education Day, Turner highlighted the collaborative spirit of the occasion, stating, “It was a great opportunity to collaborate between divisions and promote our college.”

NMJC is a leading educational institution committed to providing success through learning and high-quality education to its diverse student body. Founded in 1965, NMJC offers a wide range of academic programs, certifications, services to empower students to achieve their educational and career goals.

Contact: Valerie Onsurez Gauna, Director of Engagement & Outreach, New Mexico Junior College, 575-492-2780, [email protected], or Brittney Garcia, Recruiter, 575-492-2794, [email protected].