JV Volleyball Team takes Lady Colts down

By John Earp

The JV Jal Panthers Volleyball Team faced a tough NMMI Lady Colts team Tuesday afternoon in game one of three at the Panther Gym with the lead going back and forth for the first half, at which point the score was 14-12. NMMI started pulling ahead somewhat, 17-13, capitalizing on some key mistakes by the Lady Panthers. The intensity of the game increased, with both teams making points, while NMMI held onto the lead, 19-17. Coach Nieto called a timeout.

The Lady Panthers began to gain some momentum as a result, and soon overtook NMMI 22-20, taking advantage of some key mistakes by NMMI. However, NMMI then tied the game up at 22. The Lady Panthers pulled ahead 24-22 with an expert serve by Olivia Ramirez that NMMI failed to return over the net. A long serve unfortunately gave the ball back to the Lady Colts, which then tied the game at 24. The Lady Panthers then moved ahead 25-24, only to flub a serve, tying the game at 25. NMMI then pulled ahead 26-25. NMMI failed to return the ball after a long series of back abs forth, tying the game at 26. The Lady Panthers finally prevailed in the first game, 29-27.

The Lady Panthers began the second game by scoring 8 unanswered points, definitely gaining a commanding lead early on. A flubbed serve gave the Lady Colts their first point, with Jal leading 8-1. However, NMMI then flubbed their serve and then failed to return the ball twice, with Jal pulling ahead 11-1. The Lady Panthers continued to build momentum and score points, while NMMI appeared to not even be the same team they had been in the first game. The Lady Panthers extended their lead 19-1. NMMI appeared to not even be the same team. Final score of the second game was 25-4, with the JV Lady Panthers winning 2 out of 3 for the match.