Dustin Garrett: The Musician and Educator Shaping the Entertainment Industry

New Mexico Junior College (NMJC) Director of Entertainment and Music Technology, Dustin Garrett was featured in an exclusive interview by “Voyage Dallas.”

The interview, published in the December issue of the magazine, focused on achievements, contributions and areas of expertise that have shaped Garrett’s life.

From the earliest days strumming alongside family in a band to gracing renowned stages like the Grand Ole Opry, Garrett’s musical journey has been a whirlwind. A natural born musician, Garrett’s career spans years in performance and education, creating his mark in the industry.

Garrett’s childhood was anything but conventional. He states while his peers were navigating childhood milestones, he was captivating audiences and carving a path as a musician. However, his road was not without challenges. Garrett sought solace in his faith and a relentless work ethic inherited from his grandfather.

Transitioning from tours with esteemed country acts and earning his place in musical contests, Garrett found himself at the top of the Entertainment & Music Tech program at NMJC. Garrett curates a dynamic curriculum covering Studio Recording, Entertainment Law & Management, Live Sound, and more, providing a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

“NMJC provides a stellar place for anyone to achieve an affordable yet viable education,” stated Garrett. He explains that the program is a “Swiss Army Knife crash course in the selected field of Entertainment you might venture into.”

“(We provide) you the “edge” you need to beat your competitors with real experience and hands-on knowledge,” said Garrett.

Reflecting on his younger self, Garrett chuckles at his wild antics on stage. “I was a really crazy kid! Always in something, always moving” he said. Garrett also credits his college and tour life to the professor he is today. “It’s very humbling to take what I loved about my college and traveling days to use for the students of my program at NMJC,” he said.

Now, Garrett channels his experiences to mold a new generation of entertainers while embracing the wisdom gleaned from his past. His dedication to nurturing talent and offering a platform for aspiring artists defines his legacy. Garrett stands at the hub of music, education, and mentorship, paving the way for a vibrant future in the entertainment industry.

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