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New Mexico Senate Republican Office
Immediate Release    January 29, 2019
Contact: 505-986-4702
                        R – Roswell – 32
News Availability- Wednesday, January 30, 2019  10:45 a.m.
Senate Minority Office Rm 109
Staying on Daylight Saving Time Year-round Closer to Reality than ever before now that Other States have passed Identical Legislation!
End the confusion- No more Springing, No More Falling-
Remain on Daylight Saving Time Permanently!
Sponsor Senator Cliff Pirtle-R-Roswell
Bill # SB 226 Stay on Daylight Saving Time
(to get bill document press CTRl and click the bill #)
·       Desired Outcomes:  End confusion- end practice of springing forward, falling back twice a year- remain on daylight saving time year round.
Santa Fe- New Mexico’s desire to stay on Daylight Saving Time year-round is closer to reality than ever before now that heavy-hitters like California and Florida have recently passed identical “Stay on Daylight Saving Time” legislation.
Once again,  New Mexico’s “Father time” Senator Cliff Pirtle is sponsoring a bill  to keep New Mexico on Daylight Saving time year- round, instead of changing the clock for four months as we currently do. He is encouraged more than ever because of California’s and Florida’s actions.  “We are not alone in our desire to end the madness of changing our clocks twice a year for no reason whatsoever,”  Senator Pirtle said. “ California and Florida could now join the states of Arizona and Hawaii as well as the territories of  Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam and American Samoa that do not change their clocks.  New Mexico should be next.” 
Senator Pirtle said ever since he sponsored his first bill to remain on daylight saving time throughout the year four years ago, there has been an outpouring of support from New Mexicans and legislators have  listened to their constituents. The New Mexico State Senate passed his similar bill, SB 239 in 2017 with a vote of 26 to 15. The bill got as far as passing the House Business & Industry Committee 6 to 2 and stopped its momentum in the House Judiciary Committee.
Senator Pirtle  said changing our clocks- both physical and biological clocks-  twice a year no longer makes sense. Plus, the change can be dangerous to your health.
“I have seen reports that show changing the time twice a year has an adverse affect on people’s health.  When the time changes,  people experience more  mishaps, accidents and even more heart attacks,” Senator Pirtle said. “Sometimes, no change is good.  To address the objection that school children might be going to school in the dark for a couple months of the year, Senator Pirtle said, “Leave the clocks alone and send the students to school one hour later,” Senator Pirtle said.
He said most New Mexicans don’t even know why the state changes its clocks and only know they don’t like it. He said  he had to do research to find the original reasons behind the changing from Standard Time to Daylight Saving time was to save lamp oil. “Summertime all the time not only sounds great, it makes sense . We in New Mexico like the longer hours of daylight in the afternoons and we don’t want to change back for only four months.”
Senator Pirtle’s SB 226 would keep  New Mexico on what is Mountain Daylight Saving Time throughout the entire year. The Federal government allows states and territories to exempt themselves from changing their clocks as Arizona and Hawaii as well as the territories of  Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam and American Samoa have done.  The bill keeps the state on Mountain Daylight Saving time as its year-round time zone. Officially, the bill calls for the state to adopt Mountain Daylight year round and would require Congressional action.
New Mexico State Senator Cliff R. Pirtle of Roswell has served in the New Mexico Senate since 2013.  He represents District 32 which includes the following cities, towns and counties:  Roswell, Artesia, Dexter, Haggerman, Mescalero, and Lake Arthur – Chaves, Eddy, and Otero Counties.  Senator Pirtle serves on Indian Affairs where he is the Ranking Member and Senate Rules committees.  In addition to serving as a citizen legislator, Senator Pirtle is farmer and entrepreneur.  Senator Pirtle was raised in Roswell, New Mexico and attended school at Roswell High School. 


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