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On the Eve of Changing Clocks yet again, Popular bill to always be on Daylight Saving Time is Stuck in House Committee with only days to go in the session

Remember to change your clocks at 2 a.m. Sunday, March 10!


YouTube- from Senate Floor Debate- Senator Pirtle’s closing statements

Sponsor Senator Cliff Pirtle-R-Roswell

Bill # SB 226 Stay on Daylight Saving Time

(to get bill document press CTRl and click the bill #)



·       Desired Outcomes:  End confusion- end practice of springing forward, falling back twice a year- remain on daylight saving time year round.


Santa Fe-  On the eve of changing your clocks once again, the popular bill that would allow New Mexicans to remain on Daylight Saving time has been stuck in the House. It has been in the State Government, Elections & Indian Affairs committee after handily passing the Senate on February 21-  three weeks ago!


With only days remaining in the session,  the desired  bill needs to see some action in the House, otherwise, the pain of changing clocks twice a year won’t be alleviated anytime soon.


For a while, it looked like  New Mexico’s desire to stay on Daylight Saving Time year-round was closer to reality than ever before because  heavy-hitters like California and Florida have recently passed identical “Stay on Daylight Saving Time” legislation.


But now the bill remains in the House committee with no action.


New Mexico’s “Father time” Senator Cliff Pirtle is once again sponsoring a bill  to keep New Mexico on Daylight Saving time year- round, instead of changing the clock for four months as we currently do.  Senator Pirtle’s SB 226 would keep  New Mexico on what is Mountain Daylight Saving Time throughout the entire year. The Federal government allows states and territories to exempt themselves from changing their clocks as Arizona and Hawaii as well as the territories of  Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam and American Samoa have done. 



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