by John Earp

Last Friday, in what can only be characterized as a very lop-sided game, the Lady Panthers (0-8) struggled to keep pace with a dominant Lady Coyotes team (8-2). The game got off to a very fast pace, with the Lady Coyotes determining both the offense and the defense. Within the first two minutes of play, the future of the game was prefigured, with the Lady Coyotes establishing their lead, 9-0. First to score for the Lady Panthers was Kodi Alexander, with about 3:00 remaining in the first period. By that time, the Lady Coyotes had already put 21 points on the board. The girls from Tatum seemingly scored at will throughout the game. At halftime, the score was 60-13, and by the end of the third, the Lady Coyotes led 80-20. The Lady Panthers were able to score four points in the fourth, with a final score of 82-24. The Lady Panthers will place the Carlsbad C Team this Thursday at 4:30 p.m.


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