The Jal Record, owned by Gregg & Kim Fulfer, was selected by the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government (NMFOG) to receive the 2019 William S. Dixon First Amendment Award. 

This honor recognizes outstanding accomplishments of citizens and organizations in New Mexico who champion transparency and defend the people’s right to know the affairs of government. “Open government is good government, visible and accountable to all of its constituents and responsive to their needs,” Kathi Bearden, Dixon Award chair, said in announcing the nominations.  “Every one of us has a stake in the staunch defense of free speech and open government

Gregg commenting on the award

“We never dreamed we would end up in such a deal when we filed the IPRA claim, But I learned a lot from the battle that went on for nearly two years.”

“The importance of open government has never been more important than today”.

“If it weren’t for newspapers and TV reporting this state would be in a sad state of affairs “


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