by John Earp
At the Tuesday, November 13th meeting of the Jal City Council, Mayor Stephen Aldridge had some opening remarks to share with those present. He said, “Just to kind of give you an idea of what’s happened in the past month. I spoke with Sid Applin with Leaco yesterday. They’re interested in trying to get fiber-optics down here, to try to increase the speed of internet, not only to businesses, but houses. They’re going to be working on that, trying to get those businesses that are interested to get together up there with him to see if we can’t find a way to get fiber down here. That sounds good to me. My internet’s slow; how’s yours?” He went on to say, “We had a brief meeting with NGL a couple of weeks ago. They just gave us a brief overview of what their plans are. Wasn’t in great detail. They indicated they want to be good partners with the City, so we’re going to take their word for it, and they’ll be back to meet with us pretty soon; hopefully, in an open meeting.”
Aldridge mentioned he had met with Steve Vierck with the Economic Development Corp. He said, “We gave them a tour, they were interested in seeing Main Street, the elementary, and possibilities down there, went down to CIG, went out north a little bit, looked at bypass possibility or relief route possibilities. Went out to the junior high. They’re looking at trying to assist us in every way they can to get some economic viability back on Main Street, which is always a good thing. It’s going to be an ongoing thing.” Aldridge went on to say, “I have spoken with Brian with the schools and Carolyn at the Hospital District and Jody with Woolworth, looking at housing. Had a young couple in my office before the meeting, saying, ‘Gotta get out
of my momma’s house. I need a house.’ I said I understand. But we’re working on that as fast as we can.” He said,
“Got an email today from the EDC also, in reference to the Permian Strategic Partnership Initiative.” He said, “The larger oil companies and service companies in the Permian Basin formed this partnership to try to mitigate, answer, and identify some of the issues that rural communities and even larger communities are facing with this current horizontal play out here, which is a good thing. But it’s primarily aimed at rural communities. They’re going to have a get-together in Hobbs the 27th. We’ll be going to that. Devon has a little get-together that same day. The initiative meeting is from 11:00 to 12:30 on the 27th. The Devon get-together is at 5:00 to 7:00 at the Hobbs Country Club.” He said, “In the conversation that I had with their head guy coming off the state at Energy Plex, they jumped right on it when they fully understood
the issues that the rural communities had. Wink, Kermit, Monahans, and everybody’s feeling it in some form or another. But we’ll see what comes of that. I think it’s going to be a good thing. I think they’re truly in it for the common good.” We had a conference call with Matt, Joe, Mike, myself, talked to the NRC [Nuclear Regulatory Commission]. We’ve written a letter indicating some of the issues we have with the high-level waste. We have two young ladies here to fill us in today on ISP and WCS outside of Eunice. They wanted to know our take, and basically all the NRC is going to be able to do is the containment, the containers that are shipped on that. Then you get onto this convoluted thing with rail travel,
and I’m sure y’all are well aware of that. It was a good conversation.”


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