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Hobbs Closer to a Career Technical HS

Sen. Kernan’s bill to help develop a CTE on Governor’s desk


Sponsor Senator Gay Kernan

SB 576- Broaden Area Vocational School Locations


Santa Fe—A Career and Technical Education (CTE) program is one step closer to reality in Hobbs now that Senator Gay Kernan’s bill is on the Governor’s desk after passing both the Senate and House.


SB 576 would allow a Vocational High School known also as a CTE program to be created in association with high schools, such as Hobbs High School. The  bill removes a requirement that a potential Vocational High School or CTE be located only at a postsecondary institution.  The striking of this requirement could affect high schools throughout the state.


“This would directly support workforce development in the Hobbs area,” Senator Kernan said. “If we build a CTE at Hobbs high school, we will be able to offer better career and technical education work options for our students.  Because of the booming economy in Southeastern New Mexico, there is demand for all types of technical specialists, everything from plumbers, to welders to mechanics.  This highly technical facility would be critical to training highly trained students to fill these positions.  I understand that many high-performing countries employ this strategy to enhance their economies and we can do this in Hobbs, New Mexico.  I am confident the governor will sign this important piece of legislation.”


In vocational high school or CTE  programs, students study a skill or trade, such as electrical  or plumbing, in addition to completing academic core requirements.  Vocational high schools provide students with alternative educational avenues that fit unique niches not generally covered in traditional curriculums.




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