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Immediate Release   February 7, 2019

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                         R – Farmington – 2


A Less Secure Border to Further Cost State

In Many Ways

Paying costs of illegal immigration takes away from New Mexicans’ needs


You Tube-https://youtu.be/8nbqgc3Cmjk


Santa Fe—

State Senator Steven P. Neville, Senator Minority Caucus Chair and member of the Senate Finance Committee (SFC)  commented  on the Governor’s order to  withdraw New Mexico’s National Guard troops from the Southern border. As a member of the SFC and Legislative Finance Committee (LFC) Senator Neville hears many requests for taxpayer money to pay for the added costs to the state’s public programs and institutions for the  immigrants who enter New Mexico illegally.  With a less secure border, he said he expects even more demands created by illegal immigration throughout the state for taxpayers to foot the bill to pay for costs ranging from law enforcement, to district attorneys, to prisons to health, education and social services.  He said paying for the costs of illegal immigrants takes away from taking care of the needs of New Mexicans.  Plus, he said, “Border security is not a political game when New Mexico lives are at stake."


At the Southern border, the New Mexico National Guard  supported the border patrol with cargo inspections at port of entries and air support, among other duties to ensure border security.  With the order to withdraw New Mexico troops, also comes the order to withdraw Arkansas and Kentucky troops that supported with helicopter troops to patrol the vast area of the border from Santa Teresa to Lordsburg.  The border patrol was supported by several other states’ National Guard Troops  including Kansas, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Wisconsin.  The tremendous amount of troops that have supported the efforts to secure New Mexico’s southern border will be a great loss to the state.




New Mexico State Senator Steven Neville of Farmington has served in the New Mexico Senate since 2005.  In late 2010, Sen. Neville was elected by the Republican Caucus to serve as Caucus chair and he has served in the position ever since.  He represents District 2 which includes the following cities, town and counties:  Farmington, Bloomfield, and Aztec and San Juan County.  Senator Neville serves on the powerful Senate Finance Committee where he is the Ranking member during the legislative session. Senator Neville is a Real Estate appraiser and consultant.




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