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From: Kinderwater, Diane Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2019 1:50 PM Subject: Learn from History- past surplus turned quickly to debt forRailrunner, Spaceport, Hollywood-Senate GOP Leader Comments on 2019 Session-
New Mexico Senate Republican Office Immediate Release  Wednesday, January 16, 2019 Contact: 505-986-4702                         SENATOR STUART INGLE                          R – Portales – 27 Hopeful, but Cautions that Overspending To Lead to Future Tax Increases Learn from History- Past Surplus turned into millions of debt still owed to Railrunner, Spaceport, Hollywood
Senate Minority Leader Stuart Ingle Comments on Session: Soundbite on Youtube:
Additional comments from the Senate Minority Leader on this first full day of the 2019 session include:
We are hopeful this session, yet cautious.
Thanks to our taxpayers- everyone from our small business owners to our middle class taxpayers to our booming oil and gas industry- we have an abundant surplus of taxpayer dollar this session.
With your money, I fully support funding education with higher pay for our dedicated teachers and pay increases for government  employees.
Improving our infrastructure like our severely deteriorating roads throughout the entire state New Mexico is also critical.
We also need to be very cautious.  It’s the smart thing to do.
To continue the historic high level of spending that is expected to happen during this session, we need to be careful not to overspend or our citizens  will  be facing  tax increases in the future.
Once you spend the money on obligations that occur year after year, it is nearly impossible to cut back on the spending. Cutting someone’s pay is  not fun. So, when money becomes tight again in the future, like it will, raising  taxes will be the only option. We cannot overspend now.
Let us learn from our mistakes, you might recall, we had a large budget surplus during  the Richardson Administration that dwindled fast.  Now, we are only  left with paying millions  for the Railrunner,  millions for the Spaceport and millions for  Hollywood.
We need to look out for all New Mexicans this session.


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