Food Freedom Act Delivers Locally Produced Beef and Food with Ease and Confidence for NM Families

Santa Fe— The Food Freedom Act would mean more New Mexico produced food and drink on New Mexico tables; and no federal red tape to get it there.

This will make it very easy for New Mexicans to buy food for their families from producers right here in the state. We will be able to buy more easily from our local New Mexico farmers, ranchers and dairymen. That means there should be less worry and concern about potentially running out of food for our families. Plus, it will be fresh, locally produced food,” Senator Cliff Pirtle, the sponsor of the bill said.

Senator Pirtle said the shortage of beef on the store shelves is due to a lack of processing capabilities because of onerous federal regulations. He said it is not due to a lack of cattle. The Food Freedom Act calls for state inspections which will help to increase the amount of beef production capabilities within the state. “We won’t need to rely on out-of- state processing plants thousands of miles away to help put food on our tables. State inspections will provide more timely and efficient inspections,” Senator Pirtle said.

Regarding beef under the Food Freedom Act, among other things:

  • There will be state inspections of processing plants, making inspections easier, speedier and more efficient.
  • State inspections will allow New Mexico produced beef to be sold in stores in the state.
  • A person may buy meat directly from a farmer or rancher for private consumption with the notification on the label that he beef has not been inspected.
  • The animal or herd is subject to animal share

The highlights of the act would allow:

  • Homemade food produced in a New Mexico kitchen for New Mexico home consumption without a whole lot of red tape requirements for labeling, packaging and inspections.
  • Homemade products include such items as breads, and other baked goods like fruit empanadas, and pickles, jam, jellies, candies and herbal teas.
  • Consumers would be made aware that the New Mexico produced food and drink is not licensed, regulated or inspected.
  • The New Mexico produced food would be separate from other foods in grocery stores.

Regarding Dairy products under the Food Freedom Act, among other things:

  • The New Mexico Dairy Products are exempt from the cumbersome requirements of the Dairy Act.


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