City Agrees to Settlement with Newspaper


by John Earp

At last Monday night’s  meeting of the Jal City  Council, the council  unanimously approved  a resolution agreeing to  a settlement with Desert  Town Investments  (doing business as The  Jal Record) concerning  the newspaper’s  Inspection of Public  Records Act (IPRA) lawsuit against the   City, which has been  ongoing since 2016.   In the settlement, the  City of Jal will pay the  Jal Record a total of  $407,471.25, to settle  The Jal Record’s claims  for reimbursement   of legal expenses   and statutory fines  provided for violations  of IPRA. The passage   of this resolution by  the City Council brings  to a hopeful close an  unfortunate chapter in  the history of the City,  in which The Jal Record  felt compelled to sue  the City for withholding  public records which   by law are supposed   to be accessible by the  public under the State’s  “Sunshine Laws.” In  coming editions, The  Jal Record intends  to publish a detailed  account of the facts   and the developments  in this particular case.  The settlement includes  a non-disparagement  clause, to which both  parties are bound,   but which in no way  prevents The Jal Record  from reporting on the facts of the case.


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