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             SENATOR PAT WOODS

                        R – Broadview – 7

Alarming Train Derailment -Reminder  of the

Dangers of High Winds in New Mexico


Senator Pat Woods

3 Photos Attached- photo credit- Quay County Commissioner Franklin Mcasland

One is a close up!


Santa Fe —High winds are no secret in New Mexico, but winds strong enough to blow a train off its tracks, off a train trestle and down into a deep ravine are alarming.


State Senator Pat Woods (R-Broadview) represents the district where 26 cars of a Union Pacific train were derailed because of high winds near Logan, New Mexico this afternoon. Senator Woods  said it is a reminder that New Mexico winds can be extremely dangerous and people need to heed high wind warnings and take them very seriously.


Fortunately, Senator Woods said  no one was injured in the train derailment and the cars were empty of cargo and did not carry any hazardous material.


“This is a reminder that we cannot take the high winds for granted and we all need to take precautions when traveling throughout New Mexico. Perhaps that might mean changing our travel plans and waiting for the winds to subside.  I wanted to share the photo of the derailment  so people can see what serious damage the  winds can do on our wide open plains,” Senator Woods said. 


The trestle where the cars were blown from  spans the Canadian river around 40 miles north of I-40 and Tucumcari.




New Mexico State Senator Pat Woods of Broadview has served in the New Mexico Senate since 2013.  He represents District 7 which includes the following counties Curry, Quay, and Union Counties.  Senator Woods, a Republican, serves on the Senate Corporations and Transportation and Senate Conservation where he is the Ranking Member.  Senator Woods is a farmer and rancher.




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