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                                                            by John Earp

A two-vehicle accident occurred Tuesday afternoon at the intersection of Merryman and Highway 18. Jal Police Chief Mauricio Valeriano said the call came into the police department at 3:43 p.m. He said the official crash report will be released “once it’s ready, in a couple of days.” Valeriano said that one of the vehicles, which was traveling westward on Merryman, failed to yield to traffic driving northbound on Highway 18. Valeriano said that “after the vehicles crashed, it appears that one of the vehicles kept traveling, which, I believe sometimes when you crash and you’re a little out of it, sometimes you hit the brakes, and sometimes you hit the gas. In this case, it looks like the person hit the gas and ended up on the railroad track.” Valeriano went on to say, “So, we had a person that was pinned inside the vehicle, and was on top of the railroad tracks, so we had a really bad situation, but the City guys came out, the Fire Department, EMS came out. The Fire Department and EMS were able to get her out of the vehicle really quick, and the City guys brought over a sky-lift machine, and actually picked up the car and took it off of the railroad tracks. So the guys got on it real quick and we were able to clean it up and open the road back up within 15-20 minutes of the crash.” Valeriano said, “Only one had to go to the hospital, and I believe it was minor injuries that she sustained.” Valeriano said the vehicles each sustained “very large damage.” Valeriano added that the vehicle that was traveling westbound on Merryman “just never saw the vehicle that was coming northbound on 18. We’re looking at speeds of 45, maybe 50 miles an hour, so it was a pretty heavy impact.” No further details regarding the crash were available from the Jal Police Department at press time.





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